The 67th Legislative Assembly of the State of North Dakota adjourned just after midnight on Friday, April 30. It was the conclusion of the 76th legislative day. The state constitution limits the legislature to meet for 80 days, so it left itself four days to use in November or December for legislative redistricting and possibly to allocate additional federal funds.

A total of 914 bills were introduced and acted on this session. Numerous studies were also proposed for consideration during the interim. Legislative Management will meet soon to choose proposed studies to be assigned to interim legislative committees it will form. The interim committees will review policies and ideas prior to the 2023 Legislative Session.

The North Dakota Corn Growers Association was successful in moving forward several initiatives in support of value-added agriculture, rural road infrastructure, and renewable energy. The NDCGA played an instrumental role in advancing key issues and Legislators were responsive and approved rural investments and agriculture initiatives.

THANK YOU to all members who reached out to local legislators on important ag-related issues. Your participation was impactful and instrumental in advancing ethanol priorities. Please remember to thank legislators for their support.

Highlights, as well as a summary of key bills tracked by the North Dakota Corn Growers Association are linked below with a comprehensive summary of ag-related bills acted on during the 67th Legislative Assembly.

FINAL ND Legislative Report NDCGA