Get Custom Bourbon Made With YOUR Corn
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NDCGA Members Eligible For This Special Offer

We’ve partnered with Red Pine Distillery to offer NDCGA Members a chance to purchase crafted bourbon made with their own corn. Your customized batch of bourbon will be distilled, aged and bottled to perfection!  Not only that, your bottles will be custom labeled. What better way to pay off the hard work to produce your crop? Enjoy yourself, share with others and support our state’s corn growers.

How it Works for Farmers

  1. Become a NDCGA member/check on your membership status by contacting Brenda at the office at (701) 566-9325, mobile at (218) 790-0555 or email
  2. Place an order to hold your spot on our order list at Red Pine Distillery Shop and select the “NDCB” menu for ND Corn Bourbon
  3. Once Red Pine is ready to process your order they will contact you to receive your corn (approximately one 5-gallon pail or 25-30 pounds is required) and collect your operation’s information for the custom label.
  4. Red Pine Distillery will turn your corn into whisky and bottle it with custom labels. This process will take approximately 6-8 weeks.
  5. Once done, it will get shipped directly to your door.
  6. Enjoy!

Information on Batch Sizes and Price

The smallest batch size is six, 750 ML bottles for $350. Customers are welcome to do multiple batches in bottle increments of six (i.e. 12 or 18 bottles). You’ll even have the option to keep the barrel your bourbon was aged in for $75, which makes a nice keepsake.

Get Started

To get started, go to Red Pine Distillery Shop and click on “NDCB” for North Dakota Corn Bourbon, to place your order. The distillery will reach out when ready to process your order to walk through the process and collect information for the custom whiskey label.

Have questions or want to learn more? Send an email to   and they can answer any questions or special requests you may have. Questions for the North Dakota Corn Growers Association? Contact (701) 566-9325 or

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