Amplifying Your Voice, Telling Your Story.

No matter your political affiliation, we all benefit from legislation that strengthens agriculture in North Dakota. Members of the North Dakota legislation will make decisions on water management, value-added ag, livestock development, taxes, local roads, and many other agricultural issues. All of us have a responsibility to make sure they understand, and most important support our growers.

What is the ND Corn Political Action Committee (PAC)?

The ND Corn PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan political contribution fund dedicated to helping elect state candidates who best represent the interests of corn growers and those they serve.

How does ND Corn PAC benefit me?

Each elected official has a philosophy and belief system, and corn grower issues can present themselves within them. As a ND Corn PAC contributor, you’ll know that you’re helping advance understanding of our issues and most importantly, keeping lawmakers in office who have demonstrated support for corn grower policies.

Why do we need ND Corn PAC?

Fair or unfair, elected officials are our ad-hoc business partners. They frame the issues and make decisions that impact the demand for our crops, ethanol utilization, and transportation improvements.

How can I become a ND Corn PAC contributor?

Click the contribute now button below then indicate your contribution level. Or download, fill out, and mail in the contribution card.