FARGO, North Dakota — The North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA) board announced at its spring meeting that NDCGA will become a member of the U.S. Grains Council, joining several other state corn grower associations.  Board President Rob Hanson, Wimbledon, and board member Bart Schott, Kulm, will be the designated delegates to represent NDCGA.

As a member, NDCGA will have access to strategic market information and market intelligence, as well as periodic updates on developments in the international markets.  It will have the ability to assist in the direction of Council programs and the development of export markets through participation in Advisory Teams (A-Teams) and Council activities.

It will also help the formation of lasting partnerships in the foreign marketplace created by educating foreign customers through its website, publications, trade teams, workshops, and team visits to the United States.  The efforts of the USGC in working to increase exports means more business for U.S. producers and agribusinesses.  The ample corn supply in the United States the past year allows the country to remain the world’s leading corn exporter.

“Our relationship with North Dakota farmers goes back nearly 40 years, so we are excited to have the Growers Association join our membership,” said Maria Murphy, USGC manager of industry relations.  “The Growers Association will be represented on our A-Teams so they are already showing a willingness to get involved with the Council’ mission to develop markets, identify trade, and improve lives.

Mark Seastrand, a USGC barley sector director from Sheyenne, ND, expressed excitement about NDCGA’s new involvement with the USGC.  He said that working with customers overseas to not just sell a product, but to establish a relationship, is a pillar of the Council’s work—no matter what the commodity.

The U.S. Grains Council develops export markets for U.S. barley, corn, sorghum, and related products including distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS), and ethanol.  The USGC operates programs in more than 50 countries and the European Union.

The North Dakota Corn Growers Association is the farmer-led membership organization focusing on policy that impacts North Dakota corn producers.  The NDCGA board of directors consists of fourteen growers from seven districts, along with three at-large and three industry directors.









Rob Hanson, NDCGA President (left); Bart Schott, NDCGA board member (right)