We had a great turnout of members and board members who attended our 2021 Legislative Session Recap Report webinar on Thursday morning.  NDCGA would like to extend a huge thank you to the state legislators who joined the call: Representative Paul Thomas, Representative Dennis Johnson, Representative Mike Brandenburg, and Senator Terry Wanzek.

Below is a brief summary of some of NDCGA’s accomplishments this session, which were discussed more in-depth on the webinar:

LEGISLATIVE HIGHLIGHTS: [pdf version here]

  • Value-added Agriculture and Energy
    • $80 million value-added loan guarantee program (SB 2230)
    •  $10 million agriculture diversification and development fund (HB 1475)
  • Rural Infrastructure
    • $750,000 to assist townships with FEMA match dollars for emergency repairs (SB 2012 DOT)
    • $60 million for township roads and bridges ($30 million of state and potentially $30 million of federal money) (HB 1015 OMB)
  • Renewable Energy
    • DOT to use Unleaded 88 (E15) and biodiesel in the state motor fleet (SB 2012 DOT)
    • $25 million clean sustainable energy fund (HB 1452)
  • Agriculture Research and Extension
    • Strong appropriations for NDSU Research, NDSU Extension, and Northern Crops Institute. Restored potential budget cuts and funded animal agriculture, data, and NDAWN initiatives.
  • Water Management
    • Permitting for drain tile projects will be streamlined. The State Water Commission can cost-share for widening or deepening activities for drains. (HB 1437)