The North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA) is pleased with the recent announcement of Fufeng Group Limited’s plans to develop and build a wet corn mill in Grand Forks. President Rob Hanson, a corn grower leader from Wimbledon, ND made the following statement:

“North Dakota’s corn growers are seeing growing demand for our commodity here, in North Dakota, and we look forward to having an additional market for our state’s corn. Anytime we can take a raw agricultural commodity and add value through production processes, it helps our farmers and is beneficial to the community.

We look forward to working with the Fufeng Group and to step up to help provide them with the quality North Dakota corn they will need to be successful.”

Another corn grower leader and NDCGA Board Member, Greg Amundson, from Gilby, ND added, “We are glad to see investments in corn in the northern Red River Valley and are optimistic. Going forward, we will have the much-needed direct to end user option that has been lacking in recent years in the northern valley.”

The North Dakota Corn Growers Association advocates for the more than 13,000 corn growers in the state, and has since 1987.