On October 1, 2017, Kevin Skunes, from Arthur, North Dakota, will start his year-long role as the president of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). Skunes also serves as a board member of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA).

Kevin, his wife Betty, and their two sons raise corn and soybeans in Cass County. Skunes has served as an NCGA board member since 2012 and served on several committees including Resolutions, Finance, Growers Services, Trade and Biotechnology, Ethanol and the NCGA Foundation.

“I consider being in this leadership role a great honor and I look forward to leading one of the top commodity groups in the country,” said Skunes. “There are a number of top priorities that we need to work on in the next year, many of which are being considered in Washington, D.C. as we speak. Top priorities include resolving the uncertainty of our trade agreements, the 2018 Farm Bill which includes our never-ending efforts to protect crop insurance. Working together with all NCGA affiliated states and our partner organizations, including regulators and legislators in Washington D.C., does pay off. As always, I hope we can continue to grow the demand for our ever-growing crop.”

Skunes is the third NCGA President to hail from North Dakota. Bart Schott, Kulm, ND, and Wallie Hardie, Fairmount, ND, previously served in the role.

The North Dakota Corn Growers Association (NDCGA) is a farmer-led organization focusing on policy that impacts North Dakota corn producers. The NDCGA consists of 14 growers from seven districts along with four at-large directors. NDCGA is one of 28 states with organizations affiliated with the National Corn Growers Association.